"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!"

Phil 4:13

Marathon Champion, Meb Keflezighi

Today, Meb is celebrated as a symbol of courage and integrity, known for overcoming seemingly impossible odds. Fans know him by one name - “Meb” - and he is one of the rare professional runners whose acclaim reaches beyond the sport of running into mainstream culture.

Career Highlights

Meb is history’s oldest marathoner to qualify for the US Olympic team.  What’s more, he is the running incarnate of the American Dream, a marathon champion who stormed the nation’s busiest streets to take victories where the red, white and blue is rarely seen.

  • Shalane Flanagan
    Shalane Flanagan, Olympic Bronze Medalist and the American Record Holder in the 10,000 METERS“I have admired Meb Keflezighi as a runner and as a person for many years, and seeing him win in Boston—my hometown—last year was deeply gratifying for me. If you want to achieve your distance running goals while maintaining a healthy balance of training and family life, Meb for Mortals is the book for you.”    
  • John Legere
    John Legere, President and CEO, T-Mobile US“My experiences as a competitive runner have had a direct impact on the way I operate in business. To become a success in business, sports or life, you must set challenging, personally meaningful goals and be accountable to those goals. In Meb for Mortals, Meb shows us all how he does this, and how you can, too.”
  • Baron Davis
    Baron Davis, Two-Time NBA All-Star“Since our days at UCLA, I have seen Meb work hard to get the best out of himself. The longevity of his career is simply amazing. Meb for Mortals gives unique insight into how Meb has been able to get better with age.”
  • Kara Goucher
    Kara Goucher, Two-Time Olympian“Meb Keflezighi is one of the most passionate and dedicated runners in the world. He is an icon for American distance runners. Now Meb has chosen to share his training secrets and tips with the world. Every runner, from the beginner to elite, can gain tremendous insight and wisdom in Meb for Mortals. Get ready to take your running to another level with help from Meb.”
  • Deena Kastor
    Deena Kastor, American Record Holder in the Marathon and the Half-Marathon"Having trained with Meb over the years, I know first-hand his love of running and his commitment to improvement. In Meb for Mortals, runners of all abilities and motivation levels will be inspired and able to develop with his sage advice."

Widely acclaimed as one of the greatest runners of our time, Meb Keflezighi (pronounced Kef-lez-ghee) brings a higher meaning to “going the distance.” From his arrival in America as a refugee from war-torn Eritrea in East Africa to his victorious finish at the emotionally charged 2014 Boston Marathon — now as a proud and patriotic American — Meb has secured not only his place in history, but also in the hearts and minds of millions.

Meb is the only athlete in history to win the New York Marathon, the Boston Marathon and an Olympic Medal — impressive feats for someone who hadn’t even heard of the Olympics before he was a teenager. A graduate of the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), his record also includes four NCAA championships, 23 National Championships and a place on four United States Olympic teams. None of these achievements came easily: only his resilience, determination and faith led Meb to prevail following some of life’s most challenging and heart-breaking circumstances.

Transcending his own athletic achievements, Meb maintains an unwavering commitment to helping others go the distance in their own lives — physically, professionally, personally and spiritually. Every day, he inspires individuals of all ages and athletic abilities to achieve their own personal best. A sought-after motivational speaker and author, he emphasizes that real victory lies in balancing a healthy, active life that emphasizes education, community and a strong moral fabric. By serving as a role model and source of inspiration, audiences worldwide are learning to Run to Overcome, no matter what the odds or challenges they face in their everyday lives.

Today, Meb resides in Tampa, Florida with his beautiful wife Yordanos and their three daughters, where they are surrounded by their large and supportive family. In between training, competing and making personal appearances, he oversees the MEB (Maintaining Excellent Balance) Foundation, which is committed to promoting youth health, education and fitness.