Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I would like to start by giving thanks to God for the many Blessings bestowed in my life. I reflect daily on my life as a young boy in Eritrea living with no electricity, and barely the necessities like food and water. These thoughts often come to my mind and I am reminded daily how blessed my family and I are to have the life we have today. There are so many people who have sowed seeds in my life and for those people I am so thankful!

I sit with my daughters Sara and Fiyori, who are almost 4 and 2 years old, twice a day to reflect on the things we are grateful for. We say our prayers before we sleep and when we wake up, thanking God for our family, our health and for the journey He has brought us through. We do this because in our household Thanksgiving is something we practice daily instead of yearly. I am reminded often that there are so many in this world, including distant family, who still live without the necessities to survive in life. So we try to give thanks and not take the small things for granted.

During my 34 years of life, the blessings and rewards I’ve received are too many to count, but the greatest gift is the Wisdom God has granted me to live by Faith. You see this is powerful because if you cast your faith in God and you live in the now by giving gratitude for what you have already the blessings to come are abundant. The blessings for me and my family are abundant and for that I am grateful.

Too often we get lost in our day to day routine so it is easy to always look for the next goal or venture and don’t take the time to reflect on the small things we should be grateful for. Focus instead on appreciating the small things – when we learn to do that we open the door for even greater blessings!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone,

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