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The Story Behind the Autograph

I spent the first weekend of February at the Tallahassee Marathon.  Even though I have been to Florida many times, for events such as the Gate River Run, where I won six USATF 15k titles, and have family in Tampa, it was my first visit to the capital city of Tallahassee.  I was invited by David Yon, a local attorney and member of the Gulf Winds Track Club. I met David during the 2016 Olympic Games on a run through the streets of Rio and we kept in touch since.  I was honored by his invitation to the 2019 Tallahassee Marathon.

I am fortunate to attend appearance functions almost every weekend of the year.  When fans wait in line to meet me, I’m honored that they take time out of their day to shake my hand and say hello.  It tells me I’ve made a difference through my running career, which was always my goal.

When runners meet me, they often know a lot about me and my story.   But I don’t know anything about them. That’s why I take time to ask questions.  

Hearing the personal journey my supporters have gone through is so powerful.  People tell me about running for a lost loved one, battling cancer or coming back after a difficult surgery. Or how much weight they lost. These kinds of stories are deeply touching.  

In Tallahassee, I met an amazing woman named Barbara.  I take pride in saying I ran 26 competitive marathons in my career.  Well, Barbara informed me she was running her 101st marathon in Tallahassee!  That impressed me.

I also met a gentleman named Don who ran the 2009 NYC Marathon.  Countless of runners have told me stories about where they were when I won the 2014 Boston Marathon.  Until Don, nobody has ever said they remembered the exact moment when I won New York. I enjoyed Don’s recollection of that special day.

When I sign so many autographs, people often joke “this must tire you out more than running a marathon.”  Well, I went through high school and college unable to afford my own computer.  Whenever I was assigned an essay, I would write it by hand and then take it to the computer lab or to a friend’s computer and type it up.  Even when my hand was tired, I was grateful to be writing those papers because it meant I was obtaining an education. When I sign autographs for fans, I’m also grateful because I know I was able to have an impact on that person’s life.  It’s something that I never take lightly. Most importantly, my mom taught me from early age that “When you do things with happiness, you don’t get tired.”

I appreciate all the people who take time to meet me.  Thank you to everyone who came out in Tallahassee as well as to all those who have made the effort to introduce themselves at the many running races and events I’ve attended in the past.  I look forward to meeting many more runners in the rest of 2019 and beyond.

Run to win,


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adminThe Story Behind the Autograph

Boston 2013…


Have you ever wanted something so bad, but you didn’t get it? Well, that is the how I feel about the Boston Marathon. I want to win this race so bad, but it hasn’t happened yet, and unfortunately it won’t happen this year. Today, it was announced that I will be withdrawing from the Boston Marathon due to an injury.

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adminBoston 2013…

Run to Win

Run To Win

The Olympic stage is set for the world-class athletes to perform at their very best. The athletes and fans expect the athlete’s best during the Olympics. But without adequate training you cannot deliver, no matter how big the stage or the desire. As excited as I was to be on the Olympic team again, I didn’t train any different for this race than my other 26.2 races. The only difference is that it only comes every 4 years and the whole world is watching. But the distance is the same, and thus the preparation should be the same.

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NYC Exhilaration and Boston Disappointment

My training has been going very well this winter and I am as excited as I can be that I will be competing in the 2011 NYC Half-Marathon on March 20 against a great field that includes my fellow American Olympians Ryan Hall and Abdi Abdirahman. I am very grateful that the New York Road Runners (NYRR) are bringing us together and look forward to doing my very best against these and other terrific competitors. And I shall always appreciate the ongoing support the NYRR give me – they gave me my first opportunity to run a marathon in 2002, and have invited me back every-year since.

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adminNYC Exhilaration and Boston Disappointment

NYC Marathon Training With Meb Keflezighi & Subway’s Jared Fogle

Preparing for the 2010 ING New York City Marathon on Nov. 7, Subway spokesman Jared Fogle sought out some much-needed training advice for completing the grueling 26.2-mile course. Who better to ask than ’09 NYC Marathon winner and world-class U.S. distance runner Meb Keflezighi?

Keflezighi spent a day with Fogle, sharing tips and tricks about running. Both men have been training for New York for several months, and even though they are miles apart in experience, it’s a difficult event, regardless of skill level.  Keflezighi says, “A marathon is always a challenge; you never know what is going to happen. I feel like my preparation has gone in the right direction, and no matter what the competition fields are, you got to compete.”

After a training session with Keflezighi, Fogle admitted, “My goal is just completion. This is my first attempt at doing [a marathon]. I don’t really care what time I come in, as long as I cross that finish line.”

In the video below, Keflezighi shares how he’s preparing to defend his NYC Marathon title.

Be sure to check out the Subway-sponsored training session with Meb Keflezighi and Jared Fogle at the Subway play hard. eat fresh. Channel on  STACK TV.

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adminNYC Marathon Training With Meb Keflezighi & Subway’s Jared Fogle