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Meb’s story has inspired millions around the world. Meb is a motivational speaker, author and founder of the MEB Foundation to promote youth health, education and fitness. Meb has been invited to speak by corporations, colleges, racing events, fundraisers, clinics, & running camps.

  • “Meb is one of the greatest champions I’ve ever known in all of my many different lives. His kindness, gentleness, persistence, perseverance, and steely determination have, combined with his unique athletic prowess, helped him to achieve remarkable things both as a runner and as a human force of nature. Please, I challenge you to take just one step in Meb’s shoes by reading his brilliant and inspiring new book, Meb for Mortals. You will never look at life, running—or anything else—the same way again.”

    ~ Bill Walton, Basketball Hall of Fame 1993

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  • Spokesperson

    Meb is a great promoter. His public speaking skills, integrity, media exposure, athletic accomplishments and family story make him a great fit for companies. Meb has extensive experience including Television Commercials, PR (SMT), and social media.

  • Customized Events and Programs

    Meb has done over 100 Running Clinics and Retail Programs. Talk about world class experience, Meb can cover any topic from nutrition, injury prevention, coming back from injury and many more.

  • Meet and Greet Appearances

    Meb has signed over 30,000 autographs in his lifetime. His instant connection in the running community makes him a must have for autograph and photo sessions!

  • Corporate Functions

    Want to be inspired at your next corporate function? Meb has captured the crowds at dinners, sale conferences, and corporate wide meetings.

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