2010 Rock N Roll San Jose Half Marathon Recap

I often like to compare current workouts with workouts from prior years to help me evaluate my fitness. I still use the same workout log sheets I used in high school to enter my workouts.  These workout logs have been a great asset to me and Coach Larsen (who keeps his own notes on my workouts). Recently they also came in handy as I was writing my book “Run To Overcome,” (www.RunToOvercom.com ( to be released on Nov. 1). For today’s post, I wanted to share my race splits for the Rock N Roll San Jose Half Marathon, and compare them to my splits from last year.

2009 2010 Difference in seconds
Distance Split Distance
Mile 1 4:36 4:36 =
Mile 2 4:35 4:35 =
Mile 3 4:37 4:37 =
Mile 4 4:37 4:40 -3
Mile 5 4:34 4:41 -7
Mile 6 4:40 4:46 -6
Mile 7 4:40 4:40 =
Mile 8 4:37 4:43 -6
Mile 9 4:43 4:49 -6
Mile 10 4:43 4:49 -6
Mile 11 4:38 4:40 -2
Mile 12 4:41 4:48 -7
Mile 13.1 5:11 5:13 -2
Total Time 1:01:00 1:01:45 -45

As you can see the few seconds in each mile added to a total of 45 seconds deficit in the course of the half marathon.  Immediately after the race, I evaluated the difference between this year’s race and last year’s race.

First of all, I had a better pacer in Patrick Smyth, who is a new member of the Mammoth Track Club. Patrick paced me to the 10k mark, and I am very appreciative of his help.  I didn’t have the greatest pacer experience in last year’s Rock N Roll Half Marathon, as the pacer was supposed to go up to 8 miles but only lasted 3.  But the athlete actually looked like he cramped up, so I was very concerned for him.  But this year, the pacing was perfect, and I am thankful to Patrick, Coach Terrence Mahon and Matt Turnbull of the Competitor Group for setting this up.

But there is another difference that I noticed while comparing splits in my performances at the RNR San Jose Half Marathon.  At this time last year, I had two summer races under my belt, after my Spring Marathon in London.  I had good runs at Bix 7 and Falmouth Road Race in July and August of 2009. This year, I planned to do both races, but decided not to race them for various reasons.  Thus going into this year’s RNR San Jose Half Marathon, I was not as race sharp as last year.  This weekend was actually only my 4th race in the last 12 months.  But my splits and overall performance this weekend in San Jose shows that I am near the same fitness as last year at this time, and still on the upswing. Considering my limited racing this summer and my hectic schedule this weekend (traveling from Mammoth to LA and then San Jose), I am satisfied with my performance.  As always thanks for your support and congrats to all of the runners.  I really enjoyed hearing the thousands of runners cheering me on as I was towards the end of my half marathon and they were in the middle of theirs.  I also got a chance to hang out with someone that has become a great supporter and friend throughout the years, SuperBowl Champion Roger Craig, who was running in his 5th San Jose Half Marathon.  Additionally, I flew to San Jose and stayed at the same hotel as soccer legend Mia Hamm.  We have a friendship that goes back to our days at the Olympic Training Center.    So this was an action packed weekend for me.  I am now looking forward to fine-tuning my body and mind for the 2010 ING NYC Marathon.  Next race…New York, New York on November 7th!

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