"Like the marathon, life can sometimes be difficult, challenging and present obstacles, however if you believe in your
dreams and never ever give up, things will turn out for the best.” - Meb

"I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me!" - Phil 4:13

Meb’s Book

“Meb’s life story, particularly the way it weaves its way from Eritrea to Southern California gives wonderful insight into how someone can survive a worn torn childhood in Africa with little hope and emerge an Olympic Medalist. Meb used his talent to literally run from his past and into his future. His is a story of endurance in the face of civil war transformed into the endurance of an Olympic distance runner. He shows that to some degree you do make your own luck. True, he had support along the way to his Marathon Silver Medal in Athens, particularly in the form of his close knit, incredibly resilient family, but, it was Meb’s unique mind and body that did the work.”

Frank Shorter
1972 Marathon Olympic Gold Medalist, 1976 Olympic Marathon Silver Medalist

“While Meb’s performances have shown me what is possible for American distance running and urged me, his teammate, to press in for more, his overcoming spirit through the lows have shown me what it looks like to be a real man. Meb has the remarkable capacity never to lose hope and to experience joy in his life no matter what his circumstances. He is truly gracious in victory and defeat. It is this characteristic that I admire most in Meb.”

Ryan Hall
2008 U.S. Olympic team, marathon; U.S. record holder in half marathon and 20K

“Just when there was a need for another American hero in our sport, along came Meb. He epitomizes everything this sports stands for—courage, determination, commitment, and above all, respect. There is no better role model in our sport than Meb Keflezighi.”

Dave McGillivray
Race director, BAA Boston Marathon; president, DMSE, Inc.

“I first saw Meb run as a freshman at UCLA, where he immediately made an impact on collegiate distance running. Meb seems to make an impact wherever he goes and on whatever he is involved in. Whether it is inspiring a resurgence in US distance running or helping his family realize the American dream, Meb is an iconic example of a person setting out to be the best that he can be.”

Rafer Johnson
1960 U.S. Olympic gold medalist, decathalon

“Meb is one of the key figures who has put U.S. distance running back on the map. More important, he is a personal inspiration to so many
people. It is not what he has achieved, but how he has achieved it, that is most remarkable. He has overcome incredible adversity and accomplished what many thought was impossible. Through it all, Meb’s positive outlook and the importance he places on family serve as an example to us all.”

Doug Logan
CEO, USA Track & Field

“Runners and nonrunners alike will be moved by the incredible life story of Meb and the Keflezighi family. Strong family values molded Meb into a determined, humble, and hungry competitor. Run to Overcome is his story of triumph, perseverance, and victory. It will move you, not just to run faster, but to go through life with the passion and grace of this truly blessed athlete.”

Deena Kastor
2004 U.S. Olympic bronze medalist, marathon; U.S. record holder in marathon and half marathon

“This book is a must-read for every coach and athlete in America. Meb’s journey has displayed the true qualities of Olympism as well as any Olympic athlete past or present. It is this magnificent display of values that has propelled him to become one of America’s greatest distance runners.”

Coach Joe I. Vigil
U.S. Olympic distance coach, 1988–2008

“Run to Overcome provides a fascinating inside look at Meb’s efforts to strengthen American distance running.”

Bill Rodgers
Winner of multiple New York City and Boston Marathons; former American record holder in the marathon

“Meb’s vision, passion and disciplined execution have made him an exceptional athlete. While competing with Meb over the years, I had the pleasure of learning that he’s even a better human being than he is an athlete. As Meb continues to couple these exceptional talents and traits, there is nothing he can’t accomplish.”

Bob Kennedy
1992 and 1996 U.S. Olympic team, 5,000 meters; U.S. record holder in 3,000 meters

“Meb’s family instilled in him a persistence and toughness that allowed him to rise above barriers and setbacks that would have defeated most athletes. Meb made himself into a great runner by working on every aspect of the art and science of running. His dedication to purpose and to the details of training is unsurpassed by all the great athletes I have worked with or observed.”

Coach Bob Larsen
Four-time NCAA Coach of the Year (track and field/cross country); coach, Mammoth Track Club